Comparative review of two news sites

In this review, I shall be comparing this university’s own news site, Rising East, and the other site I shall be comparing is that of the Daily Mail, one of the UK’s most popular and highly read tabloid newspapers.

They both use the same style consisting of mostly white space against black text, akin to a newspaper and easy on the eyes compared to something like black on grey or white on yellow. The Daily Mail site is the most similar to a newspaper in its layout, with a front page worthy story being the first one that appears and taking up most of the screen, followed by more stories and adverts on the side, covering every topic of journalism that the paper covers. Including almost daily stories about the clothing celebrities wore or activities they took part in.

Rising East, however, keeps their stories on the left hand side and other information on the right hand side, making it much easier to read than the cluttered mess that is the Daily Mail’s site. But it also features a Top Story just like the Daily Mail, although this doesn’t take up the majority of the screen, and some of the stories are all text with no pictures included.

An archive feature to find older stories is available on both the Rising East and Daily Mail sites, the Rising East being located at the bottom of the page and incredibly accessible and easy to use. The Daily Mail’s archive, however, isn’t exactly well placed, being just under the Top Story and consisting of a small search bar that could be easily missed if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Perhaps if they considered adding it to the top of the page with the rest of the categories instead?

As for advertising space, the Daily Mail site has little to no space for any adverts, and of the few that are there, they’re sandwiched between news stories, unintentionally blending in with them, not the smartest of moves for the site of a newspaper which is known for containing many adverts in it. The Rising East site has no adverts but unlike the Daily Mail, it has room for them in the event that it does use them.

Both sites could use some tweaking to look more professional, especially the Daily Mail which would benefit from having its stories spaced out and not jammed together. But other than that, they both do their jobs which is to deliver news to their target audiences.



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